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An event sink is best described as a sub-routine that is keyed to run at
specific points in the message flow.  Usually there are two places that
an event sink ties in.  One is just before the categorizer and the other
is just after.  However, there are also sinks that run during message
transfer.  A very typical event sink is anti-virus products.  Just prior
to submission to the categorizer, it sends the message to the AV product
where it's scanned and then returned to the routing process.
In the past I've seen sinks for some products that will attempt to
verify a name in the GAL prior to sending a message and it would do this
on the message submission to the remote domain.  The problem that I saw
was where the message would begin transfer and then drop the connection
part way through.  What had happened was the customer had installed and
the uninstalled a demo version of a product.  It had removed the files
for the event sink, but not the sink itself.  When we tried to send to
the other domain, it would get about halfway through and then drop the
connection when the sink tried to fire and the files were missing. But
than again, I've this error when mail was being sent out from one of our
sites directly out to the internet rather then routing our HQ.
Therefore; this was caused by reverse dns lookups failing for mail that
was routing out the site and would product the error The connection was
dropped due to an SMTP protocol event sink. Possible there was some
application the remote party was running on top of Exchange that was
doing some validation.


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What does this mean?
"The connection was dropped due to an SMTP protocol even sink."  ??

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