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I assume you have you smtp connector delivering mail by dns rather than a
smarthost.  Are you running any firewall software and do you have 2 nics in
your server.  If you have a nat router or are running nat on Win2k you set
you smtp connector listener to listen on the internal interface and do port
translation from external to internal on port 25.  Also is the MX record for
you domain set to the external NIC's IP address.

Try and telnet to your domain name i.e

Run telnet, type open 25.  You should get a reply from YOUR

Hope this may help.


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I'm trying to resolve this issue I'm having where I'm unable to receive
email on my E2K box. Luckily this is my home network or else I'd be FIRED
with the quickness!!!
I'm beginning to think that it's obvious that I need to invest in a better
manual because the one I'm using SUCKS BIG TIME!!! Case in point:
Can someone enlighten me as to what's ETRN/TURN? I see this on the SMTP
Connectors properties box, but there's no mention of it in my manual. Which
by the way is entitled, "The Complete Reference" by Osborne.
I'm looking to configure a new SMTP Connector for my box in hopes that this
may resolve the issue I'm having of not being able to receive email from the
internet. I can send fine.
Or should I leave this alone and look somewhere else.
It should be obvious by now that I'm a NEWBIE!!!


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