[ExchangeList] Re: SMTP Connector problem.........URGENT

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Hello Dhirendra,
Did you enable this registry setting?
How to Enable the Registry Keys for Delivery Restrictions
Understanding Connector Scope and RestrictionsUnderstanding Connector Scope and 
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Subject: [ExchangeList] SMTP Connector problem.........URGENT

Dear All,

    I am facing a very serious problem with my smtp connectors. b4 asking any 
thing let me explain structureof  my exchane smtp connector..

    i have single administrative group with three smtp connectors in it.and 
also to have mail access we used to put every user in one group includin our 
company MD..i.e if and only if  one user sud be part of that common grp then 
only he will be able to access the mails.

     1) 1st SMTP connector is configured to send mail of 1 mb size for whole 
organization i.e one comm.
     2) 2nd connector is cconfigured to send mail of 2 mb size for certain 
     3) 3rd connector is configured  for  4mb size  for company md.
  Now the problem is except that 1st smtp connector none other connector is 
working i.e users who are part of another smtp connectors are not able to send 
their mail of  2 mb and 4mb size resp...
   kindly provide me the solution as soon as possible....


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