[ExchangeList] Re: SMTP Connector problem

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  • Date: Tue, 18 Sep 2007 09:26:38 -0400

Try to see first if you can send to Gmail to determine if it's a
connector issue or that you just cannot send to them. Try sending them
via telnet. If you can send, try deleting your Gmail connector and
recreating it. 



Sending email via telnet


1.       Find mx server of gmail, nslookup -type=mx gmail.com

2.       telnet gmailIP 25

3.       helo your domain

4.       mail from:you@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

5.       rcpt to:someone@xxxxxxxxx

6.       data

7.       .

8.       .



James Chong


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Dear All,

     I am facing a problem in my SMTP connector. In brief i have an SMTP
connector in that i have in address space  Address " * " and     cost is
" 1 ".
   Now i have created  one new SMTP connector where in address space
address is " gmail.com" and cost is "1"  it was working fine for few
days but now in queues this queue is getting generated "'Messages with
an unreachable destination' queue" and there are about 150 mail in it
with delivery failure. 

        I have only few users who is going to use this connector.

   Kindly provide me the solution ASAP

Dhirendra Singh 

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