SMTP Authentication problem

  • From: "Waseem Mustafa" <waseem80@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: exchangelist@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 20 Sep 2004 12:32:17 -0600

Hi all, 

I have a problem with my SMTP server. I basically installed IIS SMTP
services on a Domain Controller windows 2000 AS just to centralize only
the outgoing server for our enterprise users. There is no exchange server
installed so for the incoming we have a 3rd party provider to take care of
that. On the server under the ?domain users & group manager? consol, I
added all the users that will be using that SMTP server to send emails. On
the user-end I went to their outlook and specified that ?my outgoing
server require authentication? option and then added the username and
password. Every thing worked fine. Now I need to move that IIS SMTP
services to another member server in the domain. After I installed the IIS
SMTP services on that domain member server and I configured it the exact
way the 1st SMTP was and I did the necessary changes on the firewall to
route port 25 traffic to the new server. I can?t send emails through the
new (Moved) SMTP server and every time I hit ?send & receive? it asks me
to reenter the outgoing username and password. I enter it in this format:
Username: ?myname?
Password: ?the password?

Note: this is the way I have it setup on everyone?s laptops 

I found that to get it working I need to add my username and password in
the local USERS & GROUPS database and it won?t use Active Directory?s
Database. That?s not going to work for me because I can?t recreate every
user?s account in multiple places! So How do I get the SMTP server to use
the active directory?s database instead of the local one?

I also tried to change the username format to ?myname@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx? it
didn?t work. Finally, it only worked when I tried this format:

Because all the users are remote, the goal is to minimize the number of
changes I need to make on their end. So please guide me to the right

Thank you so much, 


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