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If you are having problems getting inbound mail only, it is often either a
problem with your firewall, router or ISP.  Why don't you give us your
network layout (in mock up terms).  What kind of firewall are you running
and is it setup for inbound SMTP forwarding?  Is your internet connection a
business class of service or a user class of service?  The reason I ask is
that many providers are now blocking inbound SMTP on their networks except
to their servers (forcing you to go to a business service at a higher cost).
I have run into that problem here is the Seattle area several times in the
last year or two, especially with the larger ISP's.    You can also try
telneting to your server from a console on that server using the loopback IP
address (telnet 25) this will force the machine to resolve to
itself without ever going out to your network.  If you can telnet to it, the
problem is either with you network or you ISP (or a low chance of your NIC)
is your problem.

That will at least give you a starting point to work from.

Let us know what you find.


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The question is why do you want to change to another port?   If you want
your firewall to receive messages to port 25 and then forward them to
exchange on a different port.  Yes it can be done, check the knowledgebase
for "IMS SMTP Port".  You will also have to have your Firewall translate
from the other port to port 25 when you send outbound mail as well.



Well joe!
The answer is because i thought that it migt work for me on another port.
Because i have problem connecting to port 25,and i dont know why, it seems
that i can send mails throu internet, but i cant recive mails. I have tryied
to test connect via telnet, and i only get errors that it cant connect. I
have portforward on my router/firewall to my mailserver on the localnetwork,
and it still wont work. I have gone throu almost every details in exchange
to see if i have missed something, but all seems to be in place. Policies,
SMTP , Ipadress ,FQDN, Mxrecord ect. But i still cant recive, only send.

What more can i try?

Thanks for the help anyway


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