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Well if you're able to telnet on the local net and get a response your MSX
server is receiving, when you try to telnet to it from an external (public)
IP address you said you get no response, try putting your PC on the external
side of your firewall (connect directly via crossover cable possibly) giving
it an IP address that is on the appropriate subnet, then try telneting to
the firewall's external address on port 25 and see what you get.  If that
isn't possible you can also change your firewall IP address to be on a
different Private IP address ( put a machine on the new private
network  ( and see if you can access the MSX server by telneting
to the firewall's new address (telnet 25) and see if you get a
proper response.   Your firewall would be your problem if you are still
unable to access.   I know nothing about your firewall system, but..does it
perform only NAT translation or is it setup to perform SMTP proxy functions
as well.  If it is a SMTP proxy service, you should check that as well.

You should probably check with your ISP to see if they are blocking SMTP
services at some point as well before you spend to much time trying to find
out what's wrong with your configuration.

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Hi joe!
And thanks for all the effort to try to help me.

I can start with my router/firewall, that is an linux router software called
freesco( that i have set up because it was simple to run and
dont needed hardisk or cd-rom.I have configured to portforward to my
webbserver thats in on an DMZ and mailserver that is on the same network.
Both have private ip adress configured, my webserver works fine, but not my
e-mail server(exchange)  My internet connection is a user class of service.
I think that you may be right on that the provider are blocking inbound on
their network.But if this is the case, can i bypass this problem some how
without spending a lot of money? Or is it impossible?

Wen i do the local teleneting on my local ip 192.168.x.x on port 25 i get
this response: 220 (ISP Domain)  Microsoft ESMTP MAIL
Service, Version: 5.0.2195.2966 ready at
  Fri, 15 Nov 2002 00:25:07 +0100

Is this ok?

Sow where do you think the problem might be?

Hope you got some more info to go on...



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