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What error appears in your logs? Is it a 1034? Without all the details it is 
difficult at best to point you in the right direction. This sounds like you 
have a disk signature corruption issue, or a loss of Fiber Channel link ( Or 
are you using ISCSI ).I would suggest verifying the signatures in the registry

I had Exchange 2000 clustered on a HP MSA 500 San and last I checked it's been 
working for six years at Slumdunk Networks ( I only implemented it ), at Intel 
I only had SQL database clusters attached to Brocade 3900 switch's using HP 
Secure Path to an HP EVA 5000 & 8000 and I only had 1 server with similar 
issue's and it was disk signature corruption and another that had older drivers 
and firmware on an Emulex HBA running on Windows 2000 server clustered that 
would also loose connectivity to the HP EMA 12000 SAN, however rebooting it 
generally fixed the problem ( I would have updated the firmware and version of 
secure path, however  an the SAN controller firmware was so old that upgrade 
required down time for the sever connected and Intel's management would not 
approve the down time ).

I also had several 2003 servers that were up almost a year, with out such 
issue's so I think that it was 2000 server related. ( There is a patch for 
Windows 2000 server for disk signature corruption with third party 
multi-pathing software )

Take a look at these articles they should help.





Jose Medeiros


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  One week after a driver upgrade on an IBM SAN, I rebooted the Exchange server 
and was unable to connect to the storage. I thought it was an SG that wouldn't 
activate until we discovered that I didn't have my 200GB drive.  An advantage 
of the SAN is that if you need to reboot, the SAN is waiting for your server 
when it comes to life-reboots are very brief.


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  Does anybody has (bad?) experiences with Exchange Server 2003 Enterprise 
Edition and the use of SAN (Storage Attached Network)?







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