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  • Date: Tue, 11 Apr 2006 14:27:13 -0600

We boot our IBM Blades, HS-20s and HS-40s from an IBM DS4500 and IBM
Some Pros:
1. Replacing a server is a snap, specially if you can use your old HBA
and don't have to change your WWN.
2. No need for a RAID controller for local drives.
3. Space, 14 Dual CPU servers in 7U of rack space
4. Power/KVM/Network cable managability
5. Can handle multiple drive failures and all systems stay running
6. No waste, when my OS can run in under 7gig why RAID 1 a pair of 36Gig
Some Cons:
1. Swap File, we keep it locally, can't remember if that was our
determination or manufaturer's recommendation.
2. HBA is a single point of failure, but then so is your RAID controller
with local drives, never have had one fail.
3. Welllll, I'll think of something else later or someone else will I'm
We moved away from EMC's Clarion's several years ago, so I can't comment
on the performance of thier new stuff.  We've seen very good performance
on the IBM FastTs.
George Taylor
Systems Programmer
Regional Health Inc.


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EMC told me they support it but were trying to sway us away from it.
We have an unmanaged datacenter, so they felt replacing a failed server
or HBA would add a layer of complexity for a level 1 tech to achieve.
Also, they mentioned something about wasting LUN's for swap files for
the OS.
make any sense?

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        Works fine for me with HP SANs (the little MSA's) and EMC SANs.



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        Anyone have any pro or con for SAN booting win2k3 with Exchange


        I know its supported by MS but I'm not sure if we should go that


        My manager is pushing for it.


        We are about to purchase an EMC Clarion to put Exchange 2k3
on(which obviously i have no problem with) and SAN boot the OS(unsure
about that).




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