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The client is on SBS so you're options are slightly more limited.
If the client only wants to use Exchange for Calendaring etc. how about
1. Create custom recipients (of type SMTP or Internet) on the server for
all the users Internet addresses.
2. Set forwarders (Mailbox Properties > Delivery Options) on each
mailbox to forward mail to the custom recipient.
3. Grant "Send As" rights on the custom recipients (blue globe icon) to
the relevant user.
4. Configure the Internet Mail Service to send all mails to the ISP's

That will ensure that a message from desk A sent to desk B will not show
up in the users inbox but will go to the Internet address. 

You will still have the problem whereby a user choosing to send an email
from their office Outlook to an Internet user will need to remember to
put their custom recipient address in the "From" field, otherwise the
mail will look like it's come from the internal address, which is
probably not a registered address.

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First off, I'm not a MS Exchange tech or admin but have had to step in
a few occassions where clients don't have the expertise to 
resolve problems. This particular one I am having trouble with:---


Windows NT 4 w/ SP 6a
Small Business Ed. v 4.5 
MS Exchange 5.5 w/ SP2


Client wants web access to their e-mail but does not want to use
They only want to use exchange for shared calendar access.


Internal e-mail is still handled by the Exchange Server.


Changing addresses in the Global Address Book doesn't help. I read up on

the help and other documentation and apparently
you can reroute e-mail via the GWART settings under Sites ?  Or is there

another location where we can adjust the routing of internal mail?



Matthew K Bowman
Sys Admin

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