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The problem might be have more than one cause and since you have 10 Exchange
servers, I would think you need to document your existing design (Visio) and
then you will start to see where the problem begins.

That will make it easier to troubleshoot the problem you posted.

Hope that helps

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Hello All:
I am experiencing mail queues problems, I have 10 Exchange Servers half 2000
and the rest 2003 , I am  still migrating all my Exchange 2000 to Exchange
2003, I am having problems between the Routing groups , in one of my
Exchange servers (Exch 2000) the queues were growing and I have to create
another Routing group to an Exchange 2003 machine and the problem was fixed.
My concern is that this is a temp solution or workaround, did somebody
experience the same problem?? Did you know about any permanent solution??
This is my second incident that I had, and the temp solution was  to move my
routing groups to another server in order to make the mail flow going
Any help it will be greatly appreciated.

p.s. I have read some articles stating that because the Routing Status is
not propagated correctly to all Exchange Server this will be one of the
symptong mentioned above.

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