Route different domains through separate SMTP Connectors

  • From: "Ed Blaw" <eblaw@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: exchangelist@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 21 Nov 2002 06:14:00 -0700

I am trying to set up my Exchange 2000 server so that mail from different
domains flows through different SMTP connectors and Virtual Servers.  We
are currently configured as follows:

External Facing SMTP Service (Virtual Server) -
Internal Facing SMTP Service (Virtual Server) -

Internet Mail Connector (SMTP Connector) - uses interface as its

The External Facing SMTP service allows relaying only from (the
internal interface).  The Internal Facing SMTP Service allows only
authenticated users to relay through it.

The internet mail connector is configured with an address space of (*) and
a cost of 1.

Mail flows almost instantaneously between our internal network and outside
addresses, such as a address.

We did the following:

Create a new External Facing SMTP Service assigned to -
configure the rest the same as the .10 Service

On the existing SMTP Connector, we added the domains that we want to route
through it, with a cost of 1 in the Address Space.

We created a new SMTP connector, exactly as the Akcelerant Internet Mail
Connector, but change the Address Space to the other domains we wanted to
route through it.

Mail flow slowed down GREATLY.  It now took minutes instead of less then a
second for both incoming and outgoing mail to get out of the queues.  We
tried adding each domain to the opposite SMTP connector with costs of 100,
but that did not change the situation.

Once all settings were returned to their original state, mail flow ran
quickly as it did when we started.

Any suggestions of how to make this work so that all mail for certain
domains is routed through the desired connectors/virtual servers?


Ed Blaw


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