[ExchangeList] Re: Reverse DNS Look-up and Mail

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His statement "It is generally not possible to force an email server to send
out emails from one virtual multi-homed IP or another, as that part is
generally controlled by the TCP/IP stack in the operating system." is false.
On Exchange for example, while you can "host" emails for multiple domains on
the server, all outgoing email from the server goes through the SMTP Virtual
service which the admin configures to use a particular IP address. Same
thing for Imail, SmarterMail and MDaemon.


John T


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 > I am a hosting provider sir and both my server and my clients DNS records
are all properly configured and there is no problem whatsoever. 


Proven false where?  I'm not taking sides, but you didn't even address his


- Bob Coffman 


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