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Chris, it's easy (but time consuming) just use the tape to restore the
Public IS to an offline Exchange server/PC. Then, with an outlook
client, go into the public folders you need to save and export them to
PST files. Take the PST files over to your live network and import them
back into your real Public Folders using Outlook..

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        Exch2k Enterprise SP3
        We recently migrated to a new Exchange server and demoted the
old one. I didn't know how to do Public Folder replication (plus our old
server had some problems that wouldn't allow it to do Public Folder
replication) so we lost some information from our largest contacts
folder: our Customers list. For every one of our Customer Agencies we
have a separate record that holds general agency-level information. We
then have lots of individual contact records for all the people of note
at each agency. To store the worthwhile information in this special
Agency Info contact record I spent some time making a custom form for
display and created something like 20 new fields to hold the specific
info we're interested in per agency.
        This custom stuff is what was lost in the server move. I did a
normal backup (using NTBackup) of the old server right before I went to
work moving Exchange, and have that backup available. The new server has
been online for over a month now, so replacing the Public Folder store
isn't an option. The main thing I want to get back is all the info
stored in those custom (user-defined) fields.
        Is there a way for me to do this? If so, how?


        Chris Nielsen

        Systems Administrator

        New Dawn Technologies


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