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Thanks for the info..  but that's going a bit more then I need.
Currently the mail is working..  but I'm SURE that there are exchange
and windows program files that are corrupt..  so what I want to do is
bring another Exchange 2000 box online..   migrate everything over and
use that.  How can I go about doing this?
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In a corruption scenario clustering/SRDF buys you nothing, you are going
to tape to recover the server.  Snapshot technology might make a
difference, but in general you need to take into account the size of the
databases on the server and the number or logs that you generate in a
day.  Only way to know for certain is to test.  Look for things like how
fast it takes your recovery process to process a log.  What is your
backup/restore times in gigs per hour? NTbackup restores between
15-19gig an hour with local tape.  Fibre based backup might get 30gig an
hour depending on the tape device, new tape equipment will get you close
to 90gig an hour.  How long does it take for your team to get in gear to
start the process?
Then you have a host of other options.. empty mailbox scenario, exmerge
data back....causes more work for you, but gets users to new e-mail
asap.  In this scenario exmerge contact/calendar data first... people
need to know who to call and where to go.
Reverser Exmerge similar to empty mailbox, but you run all day with
empty data.. while you spin tape.  end of the day you take the server
down replace the DB, then later exmerge the days data back to user
mailboxes.  Keep in mind that both will cause Blackberry server to stop
redirecting e-mails.
Brings you to another topic  dependencies...Blackberry servers....other
applications that you need to recover.
I guess what i am saying is that you really need to sit with management,
ask them how fast they need e-mail back.  This will determing your
approach, mailbox size, number of times you back during a day.
blah blah blah...
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From: Mike Chyril [mailto:Mike@xxxxxxxxxx]
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We have a Win2k server, running as a domain controller as well as
housing our Exchange 2000 database.  It also holds documents, user
directories, and acts as the main server for our Antivirus Corporate
We had a raid controller fail and a whack of
system/exchange/program/data/documents all kinds of files were
I know need to rebuild this server somehow and I was wondering how I
would go about doing this?
My idea is to bring up another win2k server, and install exchange on it
and migrate the mailboxes over?  
Has anyone had any experience with this or any recommendations?
Mike Chyril, MCSE
Systems Admin
Spectra Computer Services <> 
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