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Hi Julie, Thanks for your help, I am really very grateful. There is just one 
more thing I would like to find out. How do people in my company check to see 
if the boardroom is available at a particular time before they actually start 
booking the room down. Because what I found out is that I can only know if the 
boardroom is busy when I try booking it and I get a rejection telling me that 
the boardroom is booked already.

Please could you help me with that little piece.

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1> Set up an account for your room/resource in Active Directory (just like you 
would a new user.) 
2> Give that room a mailbox and an email address (Mailbox-enable) 
3> Sign on to Outlook AS THAT ROOM, and set Calendar Permissions 
Tools, Options, Calendar Options, Resource Scheduling. 
I select the first two options (Automatically Accept Meeting Requests and 
Process Cancellations & Automatically Decline Conflicting Requests. 
4> Click on Permissions, go to the Permissions Tab, and select REVIEWER as the 
Default level of permission. 
NOW, when the users schedule a meeting, they MUST put the room in the Resources 
field. Direct Booking will not work if they put the room in the Required 
Attendees field. 
To make the rooms easier to find and keep them together, you may want to name 
them with a common prefix. For example, all of my rooms start with *, then they 
appear at the top of the GAL, and all rooms are together in the GAL, so the 
user does not have to go searching. 
Other suggestions I have seen are like CR-Board Room, or RM-Board Room, 
something like that. Nice thing about using * is they go to the top of the 
Hope that helps. 
Julie Ohl
Technical Support Specialist
Central Data Services

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