Rerouting Internet Mails.!! Please Help!!

  • From: "Arif, Aboo M" <Aboo@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "[ExchangeList]" <exchangelist@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 26 Jul 2002 00:16:02 +0530

I wanted to setup a new exchange 5.5 server for our new office in new location. 
I have only dialup Connectivity to my central office .My central office I have 
exchange 5.5 enterprise server and IMS connected to internet. The new office is 
in different domain (
I got the new domain registered and put MX entry in my central office DNS 
server pointing to central Exchange server. I added new domain 
In my Routing tab of IMS in my central server. Then I have tested the following 
1.      I created two user accounts with new domain address in my central 
server and tested successfully internet and internal mailing.
2.      I Installed new exchange 5.5 server with a new site and with domain 
( and connected to my central server using Dynamic RAS connector. 
But the connection was very slow and got disconnected frequently.
3.      I Installed  new exchange 5.5 server  with a new site and with 
domain( and connected to my central server using VPN and X.400 
connector but still there slowness problem and Internet mail sending problem.
Now I am thinking about two kinds of solution .Please help me regarding the 
feasibility of this.
1.      I wanted to connect to new server to the central server through 
internet just for sending and receiving Internet. Not like any new site the 
same organization. My central server should receive all mails directed to the domain and as soon as my new server connects to internet all mails 
should be routed and should accept all outgoing mails for really. Just like a 
catchall POP account. If possible what is the configuration needed?
2.      If I get a 100-250 MB Catchall POP account can I configure my new 
exchange server to dialup and send and receive all emails through that catchall 
POP account.
Expecting Your help
Thanks in advance
Aboo Arif
System Administrator
Emcure Infotech Ltd.
2A/2, Kundan Estate, 
Bhaupatil Road
Pune, Maharashtra   411020
Ph:5817111, 5817428, 29

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