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  • From: "Stephen Herrera" <sherrera@xxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 1 Aug 2005 14:48:18 -0700

I have done some more testing on this following;en-us;842273 and
everything checks out.

To further test what was going on, I sent a test email to
sourcerservername-is@xxxxxxxxxxxx and right way I get an undeliverable
message. However, if I send a test email to
destinationservername-is@xxxxxxxxxxxx the email tries to go outside of
my exchange organization, just as it happens with the public folders try
to replicate. As per the article above I verified there is a
proxyaddress for the new exchange server in the active directory. How
can I get my exchange to realize that the address is local? Any pointers
on where I can look to further troubleshoot this would really be


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I am trying to migrate my exchange 2003 setup to new hardware. I have
been using
-Hardware.html and;en-us;822931 as guides
on how to do this. I have brought up my destination exchange server and
have started the replication of the public folders. What I am seeing is
that the replication is not going straight across from the source server
to the destination server. Instead, the source server is trying to send
an email through my mail gateway to the destination server. I have been
looking for some small step or configuration I have missed but both sets
of directions seem pretty straight forward. Any ideas on what I may have
done wrong?


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