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You can’t break a child away from its parent (domain); they are tied to the root domain for config & schema naming context replication.


The best option is to create a new domain/forest and use ADMT to migrate the accounts.  Then setup Exchange in the new forest and do a cross-forest migration of the mailboxes.


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Hello all,


   Looking for wisdom for the following:


Info: A division of a company is being sold to another company

- This division has its own child domain in the forest (Windows 2003)

- This division has its own Administrative group in Exchange 2003


Any links to good resources for preparing to break away from this Child domain and prep it to be integrated with the other company?


I know this is a broad question - and I am not looking for step by step, but rather looking for peoples experiences and 'gotchas' to keep an eye out for.




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