Relocating Exchange DBs for 2000 Standard

  • From: "Dan Klobnak" <dan.klobnak@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 27 Mar 2005 12:17:50 -0600

Hello, having just become a member of the list, and reading the recent threads 
about rants, I stick my toe in the potentially boiling water.

First off, I can appreciate the frustrations consultants must face with the 
companies which hire (or foist upon) individuals who are not properly trained 
or experienced to run their IT systems. I can also appreciate the much maligned 
position of the little respected JOATMONce (Jack of All Trades Master of None 
"certifiable engineer" - pronounced "Goat man" in your most effective Jamaican 
Those of us who really enjoy and care about our work, must realize that it is 
our responsibility to understand our technologies to the greatest extent we 
can. If for no other reason, so we can actually manage our networks properly, 
and that includes using your consultants as a tool to impliment your companies 
MIS's mission to align with your company's mission. To be able to articulate 
that vision, and ensure it is accomplished, I have to know the broad strokes, 
and my skillset limitations.
I am often frustrated that I do not have enough time in the day to know as much 
depth on my various systems responsibilities. Beyond developing sound 
frameworks and monitoring of systems/procedures, I find myself imersed heavily 
in a particular area for a breif period of time (ie Sql T-statements), not to 
return for weeks at a time. Sprinkled between that, and the 'business strat 
plan' requirements, are the day to day TS issues.
The illustation John described sent a chill down my spine. I hope that is an 
extreme case, but I fear it is not. 
Trust me, I know my limitations, but I also know my network so when you, as a 
consultant, come in, I have answers to questions and an open idea of what I 
want accomplished for the betterment of my company's mission.
I have a tight relationship with my consulantant, and I see him as a valuable 
part of my company's IT team. He puts out fires everyday; the time of fires I 
don't run into often (thankfully). Migrate from Novell and Groupwise to Win2k 
anbd Exchange? I did the research and understood the idea, and even ran a few 
test runs in a lab, but when it came down to it, I brought in the consultant to 
work together on pulling the trigger.
But while a conultant may know how to install AD more effeciently than I, often 
they are getting you up and running in the most direct fashion, which may or 
may not be the best configuration for one's circumstances. This is not a 
critisicm, but a realistic appreciation of a situation. Unless I know what I 
want to see done, and more importantly, know "why", a consulant is looking to 
get me up in a stable, usable fashion in as short amount of time. Time is 
money, and both sides know how delicate of balancing act that can be, 
considering the approriately high rates involved.
I have run into many paper-tiger consultants in my years, as well. And run them 
out of my shop.
It is a double edged sword.
But a consultant who knows there stuff, as the ones I have read within this 
group appear to be, are worth their weight in gold, and are not to be taken 
lightly or shopped around on. Thank you.

And John, how your story ended. Not getting paid. I find that incredibly 
reprehensiable. If my company took that position, I'd be all over my A/P 
department to correct that situation in a heartbeat. I have gone to the mat for 
late payments in the past, because I recognize how much of a contribution 
consultants and vendors make to my department's goal.

But don't try to sell me toner cartridges :).

And now that I got that off my chest, let me hit you with the basics...

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