RE: Relaying Problem question - still fighting it!

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Well, then lock it down to specific IPs, such as the servers the apps
are running from, but until the kb articles on the ways of stopping
relay actually works, then there HAS to be a workaround. In my opinion,
allowing authenticated users to relay even though they fall outside of
your internal IP range is an open invite to attack and abuse. No matter
how good your policy is, there is always someone out there who can break
it, unless you are using access keys. As for Kaaza and apps of that
nature, it is a simple matter of not opening those ports in the
firewall. Strict password policy is a good rule of thumb, and should be
in place, but it is not answer to this user's problem. And stating that
a work around is not the answer when there is no other answer, well that
is just ludicrous. If it weren't for work arounds, you would not get ISA
to pass certificates in through a server publishing rule. Most Microsoft
products and kb articles list work arounds for known issues. When a
valid fix comes out, great, I will apply it then, but for now I am
content in the fact that the spam gang has been silenced through my
network. I am not saying this is the answer to everyone's problems, but
it worked for me and I am simply offering an option. If you want to
flame me for that, go right ahead. But if more people would offer
solutions rather than criticisms then maybe we can get something done
the "proper" way.


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Now, the important part, Uncheck the "Allow all computers which
successfully authenticate to relay, regardless of the list above." What
this will do is confine relaying to the internal IPs, No longer will an
external user be able to relay using an authenticated user's


While that may have worked for you, it will not work if you have users
connecting outside of the local LAN. Also, your setup will allow some
one from an internal IP to relay freely. This could happen in a number
of ways, including an internal user with Kaaza installed, an internal
user that is using software to send out bulk e-mail and so forth.


The point is Microsoft, or any one else, has no need to create any KB
article about how to configure a certain way, as each situation is
different and demands different configurations.


For me or any of my clients, I will never allow free relay from the
internal IP range. You must authenticate. Disallowing authenticated


While there can be many right ways of doing things, coming up with a
work around is not one of them.


John Tolmachoff MCSE CSSA


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