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On the exchange IMC you need to set it to do forwarding to the IIS server. And 
IIS server SMTP setting you need to add in your email domain in it and forward 
it back to the exhange server. And also allow the ip address of the exchange to 
relay to the IIS server only. Test needs to be done.
1) Telnet from the exchange to the IIS server on port 25 . Make sure it give 
you teh reply.
2) Telnet from the IIS server to the exchange server on port 25 also. 

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        Hello, to all,
        I am running Exchange 5.5 and my question is the following.
        My web server needs to send out emails to certain people internally 
when an
        update has been made.  For some reason the mail never makes it to its
        destination and its been queued in my SMTP server.
        How can I tell my exchange server to allow relaying from my web server, 
        that it allows it to send the email.
        Any input will be appreciated.
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