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I knew that already, but did you check the things i mentioned before?

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I actually have sent email this way.
Someone is sending email with the receipients name in the BCC field.
When someone is blind carbon-copied, no one's name shows up.
Try it to one of your co-workers.
Place no nams in the TO: or CC: , but only in the BCC:

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Hi All
We are having a strange problem here.  My manager has been getting
emails from an attorney in our firm that he has not sent to her.  It's
usually a spam email and when she opens it, the From and To line both
have the attorney's name.  We don't see her name anywhere.  Our
consultant suggested that it may be a relay issue, but I've turned
relaying off and it's still happening.  Also, email from this attorney
has been sent to others in our firm.
Has anyone encountered this type of problem?
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