RE: Reconnecting user to mailbox problem.

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What Version of exchange are you running.  What Backup App are you using.

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I have a problem where another Administrator (we do server support for
another Library and the Admin was from there) who deleted a user and
asked that the corresponding email account was to be deleted as well. It
took a day, but they realized that they should have kept the email
account open and went in to re-create the user. When they did this, they
went in and created a new email account for that user. 
What I would like to do is to connect the re-created user to the old
email account. This is needed so that any emails coming into that
account do not bounce as some of the information that they received is
important for the other Administrator. I have taken a look at the old
account and have not been able to reconnect the account to the newly
created one. 
Is there someway of being able to open the old email account up and have
it connect or be connected to the other Administrator account? If so,
could someone point me in the right direction?
Thank you
Ken Morris

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