Recipient Update Service

  • From: "Lorie Gordon" <lgordon@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "'[ExchangeList]' \(E-mail\)" <exchangelist@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 2 Oct 2002 13:12:57 -0500

Hey all you gurus!  I am having  an issue when adding new users or making
changes to DL's on my Exchange 2000 SP2 server.  The problem is:

I create a new user in Active Directory  - No problem.  It shows that it is
creating a mailbox for the user.  I go into the properties for the user and
they have no email address - the policy is correct but evidently not working
.  Then I manually add the SMTP address and look at the GAL and the user is
not there.  I have checked the Recipient Update Service and everything is
correct.  I have done a rebuild and update now  - still no user in GAL.  The
user can sign on to their workstation but cannot configure mail account.  I
have called support and they are baffled by this.  All of my configuration
seems to be correct.  All my other users can send and receive mail, I have
no errors in my Event Log - I have Diagnostic logging turned to HIGH.  I
have ran the LDAP tool and I can see that the attribute "ShowAddressList" is
null.  This is obviously the problem but how do I fix this.  Any ideas would
be much appreciated!  I have 2 days to fix this before I leave to go to the
MEC 2002.  Help me please!

Thanks in Advance,

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