RE: Receipent can't receive email automatically

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  • Date: Tue, 8 Oct 2002 11:02:13 -0400

When new mail arrives the Exchange Server sends a UDP packet to the client
which forces the client to refresh its view.  When the clients need to
manually refresh this generally means there is something like a firewall or
Proxy client, etc that is not allowing the UDP packet to reach the client
machines.  I would check your network configuration to see where this could
be happening as it sounds like something has changed as it worked fine
earlier.  Are the clients and Exchange server on the same network segment,


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I have exch 5.5 sp3. Early this year, it works ok..when someone sends an
email, the recipent will receive it automatically without having to click
send/receive button. But these few months, the users will have to click
send/receive button or else they will not receive the  mail. I think my
Exch has a problem. Restarting the server is just  a temporary measures..a
few weeks later the problem will starts again.In fact after restarting it,
receving email will not be not as fast as it used to be but not as slow as
the user complaints.
Is there a properties in Exch that I have to refresh or adjust so that the
user can receive email automatically again?
appreciate the feedbacks..

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