Rebuild an unhealthy server

  • From: "Ara" <avvali@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: exchangelist@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 31 Dec 2005 21:22:43 -0700

I have an exchange 2003 which during the last year has gone through lots
of up and down. End of story, I want to rebuild the system on Monday when
no one is at work. The machine is a dual XEON 2.8 with 2 GB of ram. If I
recall it properly, these are steps that I need to take. It is not a DC
1.have a full backup of databases be on safe side, shutdown IIS admin and system attendant service with
all dependencies and make a copy off database folder and transactions to
be on safe side
3.reinstall windows with service pack 1 keeping the same server name and
ip address
4.go in active directory, right click on old exchange system account and
choose reset (not sure what this exactly do)
5.join the new machine to domain and reboot
6.install exchange with setup.exe/disaterrecovery switch (I assume there
is no need for domain and forest prep)
8.install exchange service pack2 and reboot
9.Right click on first mail box store, dismount, and change the pre-made
database location to second drive which old exchange was writing too. Same
for public folders clean up agent on mail server and let it come with red cross on
11.connect them back to users (about 50)

Are these steps correct? One last question, do I have to go to every user
account and setup email accounts or because active directory has not
changed it will come of mail box automatically?


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