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Thanks Matt.

>>> "Walkowiak, Matt" <Matt.Walkowiak@xxxxxxxxxxxx> 04/30/02 08:53AM >>> 

ExMerge - it's on the Exchange CD somewhere.  For Exchange 5.5, I THINK
you need version 2.0 (version 6.0 is used for Exchange 2000)  It's a
pretty easy program to use.  Just give it the site, organization and
computer name, and it will give you a list of users to extract.  It
creates a .PST file for each user.  Then just copy those .PST files over
and use ExMerge again to import them.  You need to have accounts created
already (dump them to a .CSV file and import them in the new system -
not exactly sure how to do that, but I think it's easy) and they're
accounts need to be named exactly the same - ExMerge is looking to place
the data from the .PST files to a specific place, and if that place does
not exist, it fails.

I have done it where I shutdown Exchange and copied the priv and pub
.EDB files over, but that was not nearly as systematic as the above

Note that NEITHER method seems to bring across distribution lists or
data in the public folders.  For public folders, best way is to copy it
all to someone's mailbox before you use ExMerge to create the .PST's


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Hello Everyone,

I am rebuilding an Exchange 5.5 server for a client and I was wondering
what the best method for getting their data off of their existing
Exchange server.  Can I just copy the priv.edb and the pub.edb?  I'm
sure this is a simple procedure but I haven't done it before.  Thanks.

Jerry Moore

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