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  • From: "Teo De Las Heras" <teoheras@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 23 Mar 2006 13:10:03 -0500

No.  An additional RUS is only required if you have extensive replication latency between your sites.  This allows Exchange to update the users in the remote site immediately, instead of waiting for changes to replicate to the GC where exchange is installed and then back to the remote site.  If your replication latency is low (15 minutes) then I wouldn't create a second RUS.
Another time you might look at creating a second RUS is during a migration.  If thre are 5,000 accounts that are being added at a remote site, then a temporary additional RUS wouldn't hurt.

On 3/23/06, Harding, Devon <dharding@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I have several GC's in local and remote locations.  Is it recommended to have a RUS for each GC?


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