RE: RPC-HTTP Setup Questions/Problems

  • From: "Mike" <mjin23@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 28 Feb 2006 12:21:58 -0700


The CA that's on the FE box is a home-grown cert.  

I get a page cannot be displayed message when I browse to that directory.

My setup is FE/BE setup so no registry changes are needed.  

I don't have the SSL/CA setup on my BE server.  Does it need to be setup
before the FE SSL/CA can function properly?

And internally, it's still connection via TCP/IP and not HTTP/S.  

Thanks for your help.  


> There are two main areas that people have problems with RPC over HTTPS.=20
> 1. The certificate.=20
> 2. The registry settings.=20
> Certificate.=20
> Is it a purchased certificate or a home-grown certificate? Ideally you
> should use a purchased certificate.=20
> If you browse to (where
> is the name that you have put in to your Outlook configuration) - what
> happens? Do you get a certificate prompt? If not, you should get a
> username and password prompt. After three failures you will get an
> access denied error. That is normal.=20
> Registry Settings.=20
> Unfortunately you haven't included the original message, and I cannot
> recall whether you are using a frontend backend or a single server. If
> you are using a frontend backend then you don't need to worry about the
> registry settings.=20
> If you are on a single server then you have to configure the registry by
> hand.=20
> Do the testing internally, with a domain client to start with. Don't try
> to complicate matters by going outside the firewall and using a
> non-domain member.=20
> Configure Outlook in the regular way and confirm it is working, then
> simply add the RPC over HTTPS settings - leaving everything else alone.=20
> Finally, make use of the rpcdiag switch, to ensure that you are
> connecting over HTTPS and not TCP/IP.=20
> Close Outlook totally and click start run and type:
> outlook.exe /rpcdiag=20
> And press enter. You can also see the connection status by holding down
> CTRL and right clicking on the Outlook icon next to the clock.
> Connection Status will be an option.=20
> Simon.
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> Simon Butler
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> Amset IT Solutions Ltd.
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> Ok, I turned SSL on IIS on the FE server.  I'm still getting the
> "Connect
> to" login box and it won't authenticate my domain
> account.  What am I missing here?
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