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No knowing what your firewall is I will give you a run down how mine is

I have one Exchange 2003 server on my network, a AD-DC, a web server,
and a SSL server which are all separate so that they all run on their
own boxes. 

There is info on Microsoft's site on how to install RPC over HTTP on
Exchange 2003, to do it on one server like I have you don't need to
touch the RPC over HTTP option in Exchange 2003; just leave it alone;
you do need to add the RPCProxy registry settings to the Exchange
server's reg, and you need to the NDTS settings to the registry on your
AD-DC box or box that hands the GC in AD. (don't forget to add the RPC
over HTTP component to your Exchange server)

You may decide to setup a Split DNS which is usually the best thing to
do rather than using the hosts file on your mobile machines.

Next if you want your employees to only have access to RPC over HTTP
there are tons of tutorials on on how to setup it up on
ISA server, if you are like me and want people to have an option to use
either OWA (if they don't have their mobile machine with them) or their
mobile machine; RPC over HTTP; you want to get the tutorial that
explains how to setup both OWA and RPC over HTTP on one connection in
ISA Server. The notes briefly touch base on how to setup RPC, so once
you get through it you must create a new mail server publishing rule
using the basic web listener and add the /rpc/* to its path. 


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I also have a question about this option. When I want to use Exchange
http, do I need to open any extra ports on my firewall? Besides port 80
And how do I configure RPC over http on my exchange server exactly. At
this moment my server is "not part of an exchange managed RPC-HTTP
topology" and when I select "RPC-HTTP back-end server" I get the
"There is no RPC-HTTP front-end in your Exchange organisation".
I think I understand what the warming means and why. So now my question
is: Is it possible to accomplisch my goal with just one Exchange 2003
server in my organisation which is also my DC, webserver, fileserver? It
is separated from the internet by an other machine who has only the
function of a firewall and that is not part of the domain.

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