RE: RPC over HTTP and OWA for multiple virtual hosts on one server

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  • Date: Mon, 13 Sep 2004 18:15:19 -0400

You can't do exactly what you want, because those functions don't work
with virtual servers (which is an interesting implementation fact - I
should blog about it sometime). I've done it by replacing virtual
servers with real http servers.

I don't think it's worth the trouble.

And you lose some capabilities to boot.

Basically, you have to remove the http virtual server from ESM. Wait for
DS2MB to run so the site disappears from ISM. Export the default web
site from ISM. Import the default web site as the http site you want it
to be (no longer virtual - it's a real site). Set up the IP addresses,
SSL keys, host headers, virtual directories, real directories, etc. to
match the new site, not forgetting the careful settings required for
security and authentication.

Since it's no longer visible to DS2MB (since it isn't in ESM anymore),
the only way to change some things (like FBA) is via a metabase property
editing tool (or via a script/program that does the same thing).

Supported is a funny word. I called PSS to get it to work for me, and me
and the guy helped each other through it, but he made it clear that they
really only wanted these things in the Default Web Site. Whether that's
a PSS "policy" or not, I dunno.

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I have Exch2003 running on Win2k3, single server environment, running in
Native mode and the Win2k3 is running as a GC as well.  I have multiple
virtual hosts installed on the box, each with their own domain names,
SMTP, POP3, and IP addresses.  Each domain is independent of the others.

Is it possible to configure each virtual host to have it's own
RPC over HTTP implementation?  Ditto for OWA.  Anyone aware of any docs
for this, and/or any limitations on doing this?

TIA and best regards

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