RE: RPC ove HTTPS switch user

  • From: "Andrew English" <andrew@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "[ExchangeList]" <exchangelist@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 15 Jul 2005 03:23:37 -0400

How are your two servers setup, FE and BE? 

How are you making the connected to the net, are you using a mickey
mouse Linksys router or something more stable like ISA server? 

Do you have a split DNS?

We need more input!


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Hi All

I have a Exchange server with RPCoverHTTPS (Server1) i build a new
(server2) and Switchover the user from Server1 to Server2 the problem
after switching the user to Server2 i can't connect to the user mailbox
using RPCoverHTTPS. if i create a new user on server2 then i will be
to connect useing RPCoverHTTPS.

Any Idea what i miss.

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