RES: cannot connect to exchange server

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  • Date: Thu, 31 Oct 2002 10:37:44 -0300

When you use the ping command, is the name correctly resolved? If the
computer cannot resolve the name of the exchange server it can't
connect. If you don't have a Dns in a brach office, you can Use Wins or
edit the Hosts File. If You use the exchange server's Ip Address it
change automatically to the name of the server and stop working when the
name is not resolved...
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Assunto: cannot connect to exchange server
I have a wierd problem.This is the background. I havea Windows XP Pro
machine with Outlook 2002 running. For some reason I had to run a
Windows XP repair from the CD. After which my Outlook stopped connecting
to the exchange server for some unknown reason. I tried it for a
different user from the same machine. Finally I also changed my machine
IP and also the machine name. Still the problem continued. Also tried
uninstalling Office 2002 and installing it back ... problem continues.
Can somebody help me with this .... please ...
Warm Regards,
- Rahul

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