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try to this article:  q270905

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Hi all,
I recently deleted a Security Group from our W2k DC. This Group was added
to some public folders on our Exchange 2000 server. When I open a
permissions dialog from a Public folder on a Mapi client the dialog shows
a SID number for the delete group. In the past I was always able to delete
these SID numbers from the permissions of a public folder. But now for
some reason it fails. It even fails on the Exchange System Administrator
saying: "invalid window handler".
To make things worse; I delete the SID entry from the public folders with
help of the installable file system on the M drive. After I had done this
I read somewhere that you never should change the permissions on a public
folder with the help of the installable file system.
Does anyone know how you can somehow reset the permission on a public
folder, so that a Mapi client can edit the permissions again?

Many thanx !!!

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