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  • From: "Tiago de Aviz" <Tiago@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 22 Mar 2005 20:53:59 -0300

Okay to help, but give out the mobile? If we were getting paid for that it 
wouldn't be a problem!
The guy didn't even point what his problem was. He just wanted free tech 
let's put limits here, shall we?

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        Dear Alek;
        i did not say that for you.
        we had another issue for ISA, and i discover that , we still have some 
people here in this List, instead of helping or at least give the Direction to 
someone, they were making fun on him, and they try to let him leave every 
        Please, Not for me , Not for any one , only for the People who still in 
the First Steps, Please Please 
        Give only hand for them , only give Hand for those People who Need some 
help, who need some one to take there hand to the way, 
        that is it, instead of *********************************** , 
        i think i am clear , clear 100%.
        Thanks for Every one

                I hope tahat u did not point this on me
                Because, I had to figure level of expirience of dear Person so 
I could give him right directions, potential problems etc.
                This was only reason why ask him about role transfer........
                By the way I had one Exch server placed on FSMO, it is not 
shame, just lack of expirience. In a smal conmpany conting 15 emploeeyes 

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