RES: Re: Scheduling NTBackup to mapped drive

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Sure, i'll let you know.

Tiago de Aviz


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Holy crap I'm sick of this discussion.  I signed up for this for MS
Exchange talk not people trying to prove they are better systems
administrators.  So can I unsubscribe and someone send me message when
this list is back to dealing with Exchange related issues and not
someone trying to bash someone else?

Jonathan Jesse
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Network Specialist
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Children, be nice. I feel like your daddy here

You come across as a newbie, but that'd doesn't mean
you are. It's just that your statements are in
beginner mode.

Of course one can't log onto a server under "Guest."
My 15 year daughter knows that. I'm talking Servers
AND workstations/laptops. Or do you ONLY believe that
security is at the server level?? Again, a newbie
assumption. My daughter also knows ANY admin can
unlock a locked computer. So, again, what's your
point?? If you leave it logged off, then it can be
logged in by ANYONE on the domain if the GPO isn't set
exactly correct. If it's locked by an admin, then ONLY
and admin can unlock it. 

Again, this is basics here Mr. 13 years of experience,
(experience in desktop support??)

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