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Here, We're using NAV 3.0 for E2K,
and a additional resource that's block attachment.
You can to create a list that will have all types
of files extensions that can be blocked.
You still can to forward to quarentine server (that's a better solution) e to 
the files and virus.

It's a Great Solution !!!

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We use NAV and have an Exchange2K. This is how it is setup.... (We are a
network of around 50 users)

1. The NAV is installed on a member server. The E2K server has client for
NAV installed (the Exchsvr directories and log files are exempt from

2. The NAV Exchange option is also installed on the E2K server where it
monitors the Exchange db. I do set the option to delete all infected
attachments -- do not even try and repair.

Hope this is helpful.
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We are having a debate here and I thought that the people out there who
are already using NAV would be the best to go to.

The debate is where NAV for E2K is installed in the network.

Scenario 1:
One thought is to install it on a W2K member server that has only one
other use. This is not the E2K server.

Scenario 2:
To install NAV directly on the E2K server. (It is also running AD, GC
and DNS but is not the PDC nor running the FSMO roles.

Which would be the best situation and what considerations should we be
looking at before installing NAV?

I remember reading that NAV for E2K has to go on the E2K server, but
have not located the supporting documentation to back me up on it. If
you can point me in the right direction it would be appreciated.


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