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Wouldn't it be easier if we just let them ask? It won't hurt. Maybe everyone 
doesn't have the time (or the need) to update ourselves the same way that 
others do, but we don't need to wack them when they ask something we know. Yes, 
for us it's a very basic question, for others is not.
Amos: your Windows XP Home can access shares and printers as long as you have a 
user created on a local machine that has the same username/password created on 
the domain. Just make when your password on the domain changes, because 
sometime it will expire. You can override this by setting your password never 
to expire.
Tiago de Aviz
IT Consultant
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Dear All;
like the first statement of my email before that maybe this is out of the 
topic. and for josh, john and morpheus, if that question is an annoying 
question for you, please skip it.
nb. for joshua and john, about professional and unprofessional, maybe it's 
depent on your own mindset.
for mark, thx for you professional comment, i'm very appreciate it.
Best Regards;

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