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Ok, thank's...But this generate a big administrative effort. If it's the
only way to work, Microsoft could work to correct that....Don't you
agree...To change 100 accounts I'd spend a lot of time...
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I had this same issue a few months back and contacted Microsoft support.
After some testing on their end, they determined that you cannot do
I had 3 limits set: one limit on the SMTP Virtual Server and one on the
Global Settings, and then on an exception basis, an individual user may
be granted a larger limit.
Because the Global settings are checked BEFORE the user's mailbox, the
message could not get past the Global Settings if it was over the limit.
Therefore, the larger limit on the user's mailbox was never checked.
You CAN, however, set a smaller limit on the user's mailbox.  What we
ended up doing was increasing the entire company to the maximum
allowable size for all users. If you don't want to do that, their other
suggestion was to set the SMTPVS and the Global settings to the largest
allowable and then set every user that you DON'T want to have that size
as an exception to the rule and put a smaller max size on their mailbox.
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        Hello, list
        I need to set different limits in the messages my users can
send. What can I do? I want to configure limits to all users and allow
some user to use more MB....When I limit in message delivery, the user
property doesn't work, the limit doesn't increase. What can I do? I need
to configure 1 to 1 user accounts or I can configure all accounts at the
same time?
        Thank's in advance,
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