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I had problems with E2k and NAV for 3 times.
belive, I had 3 crashs of E2k with NAV MSE.
After I've installed system center and redirect the quarentine of NAV MSE to 
quarentine server, 
it's working well. 
The NAV version is important. We're using NAVCE 7.6 and NAVMSE 3.0

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Ummm. I beg to differ. We abandoned NAV after twice being left in the lurch 
during massive global infections beginning with ILOVEYOU in May of 2000. I 
began to suspect that their entire tech support shared a single telephone. 

We've found that Sybari's Antigen has performed well for almost two years. 
They've recently added SPAM filtering features. The only weak feature we've 
discovered in Antigen is the inflexibility of quarantine.

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all antivirus solution is good. 
You should to examine How're the pro-active , virus database  and time response 
of virus incident. Symantec's champion in this. 

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