RES: Problems with folder offline when Im not logged in Windows Domain

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I think that your offline configuration is wrong.
Tell-me How you have configured.

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 I had problems with my folder offline configuration in my outlook 2000, I
work in a University with a LAN Ethernet network conecction and my machine
is logged to Windows Domain & Exchange Server 2000.
When I go to weekend to my house and brought and work with my notebook,
because Im not logged in windows domain & not conected to network wire, and
tried to open my outlook 2000 with work offline; The outlook told me that
cannot open because Im not authenticated in Microsoft Exchange Server.
My machine is a Notebook PC with windows 98 Second Edition.
If the machine Notebook had a Windows 2000 Pro. and open outlook with
Offline Folder option, the outlook open very well and without any problems
because the loggon session in the domain is stored in the cache and use when
the machine is not connected to network wire.

Please mi friends tell me how I can ressolved this problems
Thank for you support

Romel Gonzales

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