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  • Date: Fri, 13 Jun 2003 12:58:31 -0700

> Normally, my clients do a EXmerge on the guy's mailbox and the account
> is deleted. If for some reason the account is needed again within 30
> days, simply create another and reconnect the guy's mailbox.

In this case then, it seems the best approach would be to disable the user,
run exmerge 2step mailbox-pst on that mailbox to create a pst file, then
delete that mailbox. Is that correct?

Then, if the user is to be re-enabled, recreate the mailbox, and run exmerge
2step pst-mailbox to reimport all mail, correct?

> The problem with deletion is that the user will lose all his
> permissions. The mailbox can be maintained for 30 days, but all his
> permissions will be lost.

OK, so for the one client that I have, no problem, as they are not that
strict on permissions. (Total of about 40 users.) For a new client that I am
migrating their network from Netware to AD and MDameon to Exchange, I will
need to document permissions so that they can then be recreated, correct?

> Here's what I do here: I use GFI MailEssentials to retain messages from
> disabled users. I simply put the disabled user's e-mail address on the
> blacklist, and all messages for that guy are retained on the blacklisted
> mail folder. I don't lose any mail that should be arriving to the user,
> and I don't have to create rules and more rules to allow access to the
> guy's mailbox.

Couldn't you do the same thing from within Exchange by deleting the mailbox,
the adding that address as another address to say a disableuser mailbox?

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