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  • From: "Tiago de Aviz" <Tiago@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 13 Jun 2003 16:17:04 -0300

Hey John,

Normally, my clients do a EXmerge on the guy's mailbox and the account
is deleted. If for some reason the account is needed again within 30
days, simply create another and reconnect the guy's mailbox.

The problem with deletion is that the user will lose all his
permissions. The mailbox can be maintained for 30 days, but all his
permissions will be lost.

Here's what I do here: I use GFI MailEssentials to retain messages from
disabled users. I simply put the disabled user's e-mail address on the
blacklist, and all messages for that guy are retained on the blacklisted
mail folder. I don't lose any mail that should be arriving to the user,
and I don't have to create rules and more rules to allow access to the
guy's mailbox.

If they guy wants the account re-enabled, simply enable it again and
remove the rule from MailEssentials.

Tiago de Aviz
IT Consultant

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Assunto: [exchangelist] Disabling user

I have touched on this subject before of what happens. Now, I need to
have a
written procedure for the clients.

When the client wants a user disabled, not deleted, what is the best
practice in regards to the Exchange Mail box?

Delete it? If so, is there a way to first copy or save anything the user
might have in the mail box?

If deleted, then what if they then want the user re-enabled after say 2

The client likes to disable a user first, then after 30 days delete.

The problem is when disabling, the user's mailbox is not longer
and therefore causes a error during the nightly backup.

John Tolmachoff MCSE CSSA
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