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What's stupid about that answer?? Seems to be an entirely reasonable response
from their part.

What is stupid beyond reckoning, is the fact that you would think that a
commercial entity would give you any other sort of answer to an esoteric
development request like yours!

Wake up, grow up and get on with life! Try writing to Bill Gates and ask, no,
better make that TELL, him to have his programmers add a feature that YOU
want and that YOU require.  Then see what sort of response (if any) you get.

Move on people ..... Nothing to see here.  The force is NOT with you.

Oh, and by the way, Merry Christmas to all on this list.

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GFI doesn't offer that. That's their(I'd stupid) answer:


Thank you for your feedback! 

I will forward your suggestion to the product manager for GFI MailEssentials.
We cannot guarantee that your feature requests will be added to the next
version, however your suggestion will be reviewed when we design the next
version of our product. If the request has been made by many of our customers
it will get serious consideration. If not, it is unlikely to be included in
the next version.

Thank you for your cooperation & understanding.

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