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  • From: "Ruba Al Omari, Eng." <romari@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "Mohammed Tantawi" <mtantawi@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>, "[ExchangeList]" <exchangelist@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 1 Nov 2004 09:47:43 +0300

1. Well you need to check first what level of service agreement you have
with your users? i.e. if the exchange goes down are you committed to
provide the database back online with its up to date status with no
messages lost? Do you provide mail box restore? Single message restore?
Then you can plan your backup strategy.


2. What are the skipped files? if you are using windows backup then it
will not backup opened files and this is ok.


3. Reinstalling everything in fire drill mood? Like you said before that
you want to test your exchange? Or restoring in real disaster mood?



Veritas is good, and it provides differential backups for exchange
information store as well, and it provides mailbox backups and restores,
now exchange 2003 provides single mailbox restore but I didn't try it.


4. I don't know about deleting the log files manually, 




From: Mohammed Tantawi [mailto:mtantawi@xxxxxxxxxxxxx] 
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To: [ExchangeList]
Cc: Ruba Al Omari, Eng.
Subject: [exchangelist] RE: mailbox backup


Dear Ruba,

Thank you for your information,  and your help . but I have some


1.      For Daily Backup , should I  make it online backup or off line
backup , and if its online Backup every day , what type of Backup should
I make (  Normal , Copy , incremental , Differential , Daily ) . 



2.      When I was running online back up , the backup report said  "
complete with the skipped Files ", when I searched on it in KDbase, I
found that I have to install the service Pack for Exchange, what do you
think, did you face this Problem Before ? and was that solution ? 





3.      You mean when I am restoring every thing from beginning, I will
only reinstall Windows 2000 Advanced server + SP for Windows + SP for
Exchange,  or is there any need to reinstall the exchange in disaster
recovery mode ? 


For Veritas , there was a siminar for it in Jeddah & I Attend this
seminar, I ordered the CD from Veritas and I am working on it as testing
, but do you think it is good ? Because this is the first time for me to
work with Exchange Server Backup. 



4.      what will happen if I delete all of the Log files , is there any
Problem from it. I mean with off line backup, all of the log file will
be delete from the Hard disk and it will record it self in the Database
while I am dismount it ., so is there any Problem will happen . ??





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