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Nope. Microsoft explicitly says that there's no built-in feature from
Exchange to download POP3 e-mail from an external server. so yes, only
option is to use 3rd party POP downloader for Exchange. (Microsoft is so
obnoxious sometimes!). not sure what you mean by "Exchange provide
passwords to POP3 server": again, Exchange cannot work as a POP3 client
(without 3rd party downloader). hope this helps.


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Exchange 5.5 with an internal IP address, Linux-based POP3 server with
an external IP address.  Outlook clients are setup on both exchange and
internet e-mail, but I would prefer to use exchange accounts


Is there a way to have Exchange automatically download POP3 password
protected mail accounts without using a 3rd party POP3 downloader?
Possibly through the internet mail connector and relaying?  If so, how
does Exchange provide passwords for the POP3 server?  Thanks in advance!


-Tim McDonald

Seattle Repertory Theatre

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