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You can't really RAID an IDE set.[Stephen Hartley responds]  Rubbish!

You need a SCSI subsystem which is where the "every hard disk uses its
own controller" sentence comes in.[Stephen Hartley responds]  Rubbish

The optimal for Exchange is hardware raid with the following
configuration:[Stephen Hartley responds]  In your opinion - back it up
with some facts!

2 drives in RAID1 for the operating system.

2 drives in RAID1 for the Exchange logs.

3 or more drives in RAID5 for the exchange stores.


The RAID1 number of drives can be reduced from two individual RAID1 sets
to a pair of drives in RAID1 with two partitions.


If you have to use IDE then you might do it this way:

Controller 0 Primary - Operating System

Controller 0 Slave - Exchange Install and Logs

Controller 1 Primary - Mirrored stores

Controller 1 Slave - Mirrored stores


There are several options, all of which give varying degrees of
resilience/performance mixes.


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I am a new in IT World and have a stupid question , I've ever post this
message but never get an answer. I want to build Exchange Server. and I
plan to use several HD (I use all IDE both primary and secondary) , they
say I could improve performance by using RAID0 or RAID5 because every
harddisk use its own controller. Can I use that ? or anyone have an idea

and sometimes I confuse about harddisk contoller. a friend told me that
it's on the harddisk ( PCB attached to Harddisk) but someone else told
me that it's on the motherboard or separate card.

I don't know which one is correct .


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