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Or spam could be coming in to your domain that is addressed to non-existant
accounts and your exchange server is trying to send an NDR.  Of course the
address your server is trying to send mail to is a 'spoofed' address and is
not real.  So you must wait for the message to time out and be deleted from
the queue....

Are all the messages similar in size?  (if so this is a good indicator that
they are NDR's)
Can you open any of the messages to see the text?  If so, give us a

As far as stopping it, there was just a long post in this group (just
yesterday I believe) about this very issue...


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On Wed, 1 Sep 2004 13:44:17 -0600, NPerez <nperez@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Windows 2k & Exchange 2k
> I was looking through my queues folder under my SMTP folder in my 
> Exchange admin, and I found many domains that I do not recognized 
> (like,, and a bunch of others). I don't think my 
> users are sending emails to these domains. How do they get there and how
can I prevent it?

Your configuration has one or a combination of one of the following

A) Your server is an open relay.
*Search for how to close open relay in Exchange on the Internet.

B) A network device, probably a computer part of your LAN, has become
infected with a virus and is relaying through the Exchange Server.
*Run up to date AV software on all network connected devices.

C) Your server is infected with a virus.
*Do you run and scan your server with up-to-date AV software?

D) Your users are sending out SPAM on purpose. :) *Highly unlikely, but
anything is possible.

Hope this helps.


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