[ExchangeList] Re: Question regarding Recovery Storage Group and Exmerge

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Damn... you're right.  Don't know what I was thinking...


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Hi Paul
Apologies if I am missing something here but why not just change the
database path to the new location? That way you are not changing
database and your RSG functionality would be unaffected surely?
Paul Lemonidis.

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Subject: [ExchangeList] Question regarding Recovery Storage Group and

Running Exchange 2003 and am wanting to pull out some old emails from
tape backup.  I understand that I can restore to the Recovery Storage
Group and use Exmerge to extract the desired emails to a pst provided
that the account exists in AD and the mailbox resides in the same
database when the tape was created.  We are looking to move our
information store from a disk array connected to an internal SCSI
controller to another group of disks connected to another newer
controller.  After I create an information store on the new disks and
move the mailboxes there, if a need arose where I needed to pull out
emails from those accounts, would it be a simple matter of just moving
the mailboxes back to the original store?  
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